The ins and the outs

OK, so this is the deal.

I write a lot . 

I have so many stories locked up in my head, that I am afraid they will start to replace actual memories. Not that I need to remember that school trip in year 6 to Conwy or how to boil an egg… BUT my kids were pretty adorable babies and I’d quite like to remember that.

I needed somewhere to store all in which my imagination spews out, so was born (you are welcome).

I am aiming to provide the world with an endless supply of short stories, titled ‘My take on…’, suitable for children and adults alike. In the event a story I create is not suitable for the delicate ears of our youngins, I’ll be sure to make that clear.


No doubt amongst the happenings of the fictitious worlds you will soon adore, I will probably throw in random poems and the odd fashion feature. Please feel free to contact me with questions and ideas of what you want to see on the site.

Oh, and lots of mega cheesy (but super pretty) quotes.

Lots of love and high fives,



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