Fiction Fashion Fix II

‘Cherry blossom hums through the open window, quickly followed by the delicate punch from the forget-me-not’s. Just enough to pull you back from falling off the precipice in your own head.


Never have you ever realised how beautiful a falling raindrop can be, seamlessly oblivious that it will shatter at first impact; full of convenient forgettery.


For most, the lines are often blurred between something you want and then something you need. Desire and gratification are animalistic feelings none of us can shy away from but if by some crazy superlative events you have figured out a way around this, be sure to share your findings with your classmates.


But lest we forget, you are a rosarian in your own field of dreams. Be sure to not let your own thoughts quell your wants, but certainly don’t neglect what it is you need either.’


Hello! I didn’t know where my writing was going to take me today when I sat down with my laptop, but I am pretty chuffed with the outcome!

fashion fashion fashion…

*If you are an independent clothes maker, designer etc I want to hear from you! Contact me if you want to see your items showcased on my next Fiction Fashion Fix post and which will also feature an original poem/story inspired by the items just like the one ^^^^

SO this weeks picks are probably my favourite I have ever put together, be it on this blog or real life… I hope you like them too!

*Exclusive* Bad new travels fast Gillet – Art Disco – £65.00

I love this gillet, just like I seem to be loving any piece of clothing with some sort of statement on. Clothes + statement slogans = yay!

Off-The-Shoulder blouse  – Zara – £25.99 

Pretty much most off the shoulder cuties would have worked with this outfit, but I love the subtle pinstripes that feature on this Zara number and how they would contrast against the pattern on the pants.

Monochrome gingham skinny trousers– – £15.00

These trousers are so good. I love how they could be dressed up for a party, wedding etc or dressed down like this outfit for a laid back chill vibe. Also super office friendly if paired with a chic shirt. Not to mention mega affordable.

Denim applique backpack – Skinnydip London – £32.00

I can’t even begin to explain how much I am loving backpacks atm. They are so practical, I am all for that hands free life. The funkier the better, in my eyes.

Black Buckle Sandals – Primark – £8.00

How could you possibly go wrong with the pair of black sandals? Summer is coming and these are ideal. The cute buckle details is a nod to the ever so cool western trend and if paired with some super comfy harem pants you’d be oh so boho.

Star and Planet double choker – CelticBijou – £5.60

If ever in doubt, wack a choker on. This one is so bloody cute, I am so obsessed with space (geek) that this choker is so up my street that it is basically knocking on my front door.


Until next time…



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