Fiction Fashion Fix

Forever and for never,

we seek solace

in our own retribution,

avid in the belief

with cautious words

and endless imagination.

Creative writing + fashion = everything?!

So this is where I make pretend I am rich (it is v fun), by picking my favourite items offered by both the high street and independent designers* to create a b-e-a-u-tiful outfit.

*If you are an independent clothes maker, designer etc I want to hear from you! Contact me if you want to see your items showcased on my next Fiction Fashion Fix post and which will also feature an original poem/story inspired by the items just like the one ^^^^

mmkay, lets cut to the chase shall we, this weeks round up is…

‘Girls Bite Back’ Bomber Jacket – Argyle & Oxford – £75.00

Wait, can we just talk about how perfect this jacket is?! With the statement design on the back, to the contrast lining, this is the perfect jacket for these cool spring days (shout out to British weather). Also I am all for that lil bit of girl power stamped on my clothes.

Two Tone Girlfriend Jeans – V by Very – £25.00

I love these jeans… I have these jeans… and wear them ALL the time, they make even the most boring of shirts seem fashionable. The split colour, frayed bottoms and skinny (but relaxed) style make this one a fully fledged winner.

Frilly Cold Shoulder Top – Pull & Bear – £19.99

I don’t care if people are saying cut outs are out. Pair this with a leather jacket and you’ll be ready for life, I swear.

Pink Two Strap Mules – River Island – £24.00

News flash, mules are in. Now, I am not going to pretend like they are my favourite style of shoe but these are fab. The are mules without being mules, you get me? The are more like sandals as they feature a summery open toe- get in my basket.

Printed Scarf – Zara – £7.99

Because who doesn’t love a good old scarf… No one I hear you cry.

A scarf and a simple pinky ring are my go to items to spruce up any outfit. This funky scarf from Zara helps to tie all the pieces together, while adding a pop of summer lovin’ colour.


Now I need to buy everything on this page,

brb just going to cry into my bank statement.


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